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Windows 10 adoption is growing quickly, but Windows 7 accounted for approximately 27 percent of desktop and laptops in October, according to Netmarketshare, which tracks usage of different technologies. On Jan. 14, 2020, Microsoft will retire Windows 7 and stop issuing security updates for one of the most-loved versions of its flagship operating system. But does this mean users and companies will stop using it? Growing from 10 million to 200 million users in a matter of months caught Zoom off guard, so it’s temporarily freezing development on new features to focus on security and privacy issues. After a brief beta period, Samsung began updating its 2019 flagships to Android 10 in November last year. Now that the vast majority of S10 and Note10 users have received the update, let’s take a look at what’s new in Android 10 and what features Samsung users should start checking out.

The Chrome web store is full of different themes you can install. But you might want your theme to be a bit more personal. With the updated Chrome 77, you can create your own customized version of a Chrome theme.

  • Given that more than 1.5 billion Windows devices are out there, at least 400 million devices are still running the soon-to-be-obsolete operating system.
  • If Windows 7 continues to dwindle at the current pace, its share will reach 13 percent by 2021—but that’s more than 100 million devices.
  • It’s reasonable to assume that Microsoft will abandon Windows 7 users to the mercy of evil hackers when the OS’s end-of-life deadline arrives.But in reality, it’s more complicated.
  • There might come a time when you’d rather share a Word document as an image that anyone can open.
  • Microsoft will probably deliver critical patches after it ends Windows 7 support in January 2020.

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However, you should proceed with caution, because Microsoft no longer offers free upgrades, as such the company can stop devices from activating using this method at any time. Just like creating a custom theme on your PC, it’s nice to change things up on your browser from time to time. You have been able to change the Chrome theme for years.

Those with Android devices have a few options, including built-in features and third-party apps. Let’s break down your choices, from simple to more complex. You need to disable the windows Hyper-V feature and bcd. Then Virtual Box will run in latest Windows 10 versions (Jan-Mar 2018). Windows 10 Hyper-V is having clash on VirtualBox features.

How to change Windows Defender Antivirus cloud-protection

For that, the Rules feature is just what the doctor ordered. There have been many rumors about Google meaning to add some sort of automation to Android. The Rules feature was showing in some previews but had never actually made it into final versions of Android. Well, Android 10 has started including it for some Pixel devices. Pixel 4 devices have started receiving it recently and some users have reported seeing it on older models, as well. There are times when you’re watching something on your phone and you want to share it with the room, or just see it on a bigger display.

The instructions for turning on Outlook’s dark mode is identical for all mobile devices. If you don’t see the option for the theme, check for an app update. Dark mode should be available on Android version 4.0.4 and above. iPhone and iPad owners should have Outlook version 4.2.0 installed or newer. Microsoft stopped adding new features to Windows 7 when it ended mainstream support in 2015, and it has regularly been reminding users of the end-of-life deadline and inviting them to install Windows 10.

The Play Store stops counting at 1 billion installs, and that means we’ll never know where the Messages app’s growth rate takes it next. But, with RCS activating next-generation features, it’s not hard to imagine Android users will continue flocking to it. Google found itself a simple communications app worth keeping around, finally. Tasker, which we have previously covered extensively, is a complex automation tool for Android devices. Rules just allow you to easily automate some simple tasks if you’re happy to do just that. However, this presents significant advantages for users that don’t want anything else than to get a simple task done.

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The primary value here is that third-party virtualization software can co-exist with Hyper-V and other Hyper-V based features. Virtualization-Based Security is a recent technology that has enabled this co-existence. Windows Defender Application Guard is a Windows 10 security feature introduced in the Fall Creators Update that protects against targeted threats using Microsoft’s Hyper-V virtualization technology. WDAG augments Windows virtualization based security capabilities to prevent zero-day kernel vulnerabilities from compromising the host operating system. WDAG also enables enterprise users of Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer protection from zero-day kernel vulnerabilities by isolating a user’s untrusted browser sessions from the host operating system.

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Allows users to configure the accessibility of their PC. Some functions, particularly the ability to add and remove user accounts, were moved exclusively to this app on Windows 8 and cannot be performed from Control Panel. But we use roaming profiles and so the settings from the lab overwrite the usersettings… and if the users go to their own desktops, they have the lab-background.

In the box that appears, type your password where prompted. The Group Policy feature is not available in the Home edition.

The default setting is “3 – Download the updates automatically and notify when they are ready to be installed”. You can change it to “2 – Notify for download and notify for install”. That will reduce the chances of Windows 10 installing downloads when you’re not ready for them. You need to be an administrator to create a new account. The procedure of adding new users to the computer can be different depending on the distribution and administration settings. Please refer to your operating system documentation for details on how to create a user profile. Minecraft launcher configuration- You can make Minecraft run with different settings or in different versions by using different configurations, accessible from the Minecraft launcher .

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In this manner, only the Administrator account can install and remove apps and programs on the PC. Close all the windows you have opened, log in with the user you set the restriction for and try installing an app to see if it worked. The best ways to prevent users from setting up applications is by using AppLocker, Group Policy Editor, standard user accounts, and a tool like WinGuard Pro. The business versions of Windows also include Group Policies, which allow IT managers to control how their fleets of PCs work. Type edit group policy in the Windows search box and run the editor (gpedit.msc), then look for Windows Update in the Administrative Templates section, under Computer Configuration.

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By default, most users will have a single configuration called "Latest Release", but you may set up any number of configurations. On the login screen that’s now shown, select the user account you want to use, enter the appropriate login information, and you are in. You can switch between sign-in options by clicking or tapping the “Sign-in options” and then selecting the option that you want to use. Press the Windows and R keys on the keyboard to open the Run box and enter “netplwiz.” Press the Enter key. In the User Accounts window, select your account and uncheck the box next to “Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer.” Click the Apply button.

Fix Boot Configuration Data (bcd)

  • Necessary Always Enabled.A few years ago, the enterprise architects at the company I worked for came up with a central login mechanism for all the company’s applications using web services.
  • To begin with, launch the MobileTrans and select the “Phone Transfer” section from its home.
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To clean up system files when logged in as a standard user, access Windows 10 Disk Cleanup in File Explorer by right-clicking a disk under This PC and selecting Properties from the resulting menu. Ensuring that Windows has enough free disk space is essential for normal operations, as well as for making room for updates. If a system drive is critically low on free space, a pop-up alert will appear on the user’s screen. File Explorer also indicates that space is running low by changing the color of the Local Disk free-space indicator within This PC from blue to red. )This applet has two main functions, the first is specify settings for Speech synthesis, allowing the user to select the voice the computer should use to narrate text and how fast it should read.

If you chose the restricted registry keys to configured the wallpaper then ensure you also select the “Replace” action and “Remove this item when it is no longer applied” common option is selected . If you don’t do this you will find that your users will not be able to change their wallpaper even after the policy is removed as the policy registry key will not be removed. Another quick way to prevent other users from installing software on your PC is by using standard user accounts.