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Its high-resolution display has very impressive graphics, which makes it ideal, of course, for accurate, informative graphing. For efficient graphing, you need to be able to animate points on graphs to explain behavior patterns, and this calculator handles that with ease. Of course, you can enter comments and even instructions on this screen besides calculations and formulae. But if you are looking for a feature to seal the deal, then the built-in Computer Algebra System could be the one.

  • A simplified keyboard and quick access to important functions are by far the most important quality in a calculator.
  • If you’re really good, you can program your calculator to do insanely tough math for you in the press of a button .
  • In fact, a lot of student and parent reviews around the web complained about how they never used 80% of the calculator’s capabilities.

This design is taken from the Texas Instruments TI-83, which is one of the most popular calculators. The TI-84 is compatible with its predecessor, but this model has some new extras. The TI-84 has 24KB of RAM and 480KB of ROM (read-only memory). For this model, they have improved the display screen by allowing 16 characters and 8 lines.

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It works with pre-algebra and algebra through statistics, calculus, and trigonometry. Biology and most subjects requiring precise technical analysis are also covered. It will display the maths on the screen as it will appear in your textbooks as you enter. Then, as you proceed, you can also enter instructions, notes, and other comments besides what is going on.

This is a high-speed link between calculator and OC to transfer data, which also allows you to use a projector for necessary display purposes. It has other excellent features built-in that include spreadsheets and geometry applications, as well as conics applications. The fx-9860GII has a wide range of potential uses in maths and the sciences. Its functions allow you to produce and display data in a variety of disciplines, so it is, therefore, also a useful tool for teachers.

If you are having trouble with your maths, then this could be the calculator to help. This graphing calculator is what might be described as an entry-level machine.


This will perform very complex maths calculations that include symbols. One of the great things about this calculator is the icon-based screen. It is full color and gives the display an easy to read feel.

It also adds some life and creativity to the visuals of what you produce. Plus, it has a touch screen design that makes it simple to use. It is very responsive, and you can even draw a graph using your finger. This is an all-encompassing calculator that is very impressive and must be considered as one of the better graphing calculators. It comes with a USB cable and also the Program-Link software.

But nevertheless, it still has all the standard features you would expect to see. The Casio fx-9750GII is designed for student use from middle school through to college. This is what might be described as an all-purpose calculator that is perfect for a variety of disciplines. Youtube These include maths and science, statistics, business, and financial modeling. It has over a dozen apps that help with data collection, functionality, and analytics.