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An Update On No-Fuss Secrets In ROMs

In July, Nintendo sued two popular ROM sites, LoveROMS and, for what it called “brazen and mass-scale infringement of Nintendo’s intellectual property rights.” Both sites have since shut down. On Wednesday, another big, 18-year-old ROM site, EmuParadise, said it would no longer be able to allow people to download old games due to "potentially disastrous consequences." Kovačević said that he probably would still have an interest in games without ROMs, which allow people to emulate console games on computers, but that he wouldn’t understand them as well. I cannot legally tell you where to find ROMs or ISOs for games you do not own.

Don’t mistake that for it being legal or illegal however. People say this all the time but no, it is not in fact legal. It’s never been tested in court and Nintendo takes the explicit view that both it is illegal to rip your own roms and that said devices are illegal.

Perhaps you should Google " + ROM + download" and see what you find. Perhaps you should ask our friends over at for some help. Now you and I can disagree with Nintendo, but Nintendo could sue someone for ripping their own roms. They won’t however, because it would be an incredibly difficult case to prove.

But it is generally possible to finagle things enough that most games are at least playable, provided that your PC’s hardware is up to the task. I was born and raised in Israel, and like most people in countries where Nintendo doesn’t have an official presence, many times I couldn’t legally get my hands on a Super Nintendo game even if I could pay for it.

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In these cases, I would argue that it is ethical to download ROMS of these games, despite the illegality of doing so. This is why the developers of emulators typically do not provide ways of getting ROMs themselves, even though their product is basically useless without them. The emulator developers are safe from legal liability provided that they don’t provide any means of acquiring illegal ROMs; if the end user finds such ROMs on their own, that’s not on the developers. Without the actual console hardware, you will never be able to be 100% accurate for every single game.

The problem is that even though NYU has a good collection of classic console hardware and games, it only covers a minuscule proportion of the total history of games. It doesn’t include 8- and 16-bit computer games, which were distributed on magnetic media which has long since been corrupted. It doesn’t include coin-operated games, which are prohibitively expensive for a library even today, and which are harder to access than ever now that arcades are practically gone. And, of course, most people who are getting into games don’t have access to NYU’s library at all.

If a local store didn’t import a game itself , or someone I knew wasn’t coming back from the United States or another country where Super Nintendo games were widely available, I was out of luck. Cifladi’s Lost Levels site, for example, focused on preserving games that were never released, something people could only do by dumping ROMs. "I don’t think the business I’m in exists without emulation," Cifaldi told me in a phone interview. "I think the video game community would have totally moved on if it wasn’t for easy access to old games. I don’t think the Nintendo’s Virtual Console would exist. It proved the market was there."